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My career in flowers was cultivated over seven years while working on mega yachts as a chief stewardess. Event planning, tablescapes, and flower design were part of my everyday tasks and the companies I worked for strived for the highest level of excellence in presentation. After designing my own wedding I knew I was ready to branch out from yachting into the event planning world. For the past five years I've been working all over the state of Florida and for the past three have also been privileged to design along side Simply Grand Event in Jackson, WY. 


My style varies dramatically as it's not about what I want but what the bride and groom want. It is my job to take the relationship and personalities of the "soon-to-bes" and to translate that into a very real design landscape. I strive, as a creator, to push the envelope of ideas, to come up with original thoughts and concepts. My goal is to make each wedding it's own unique experience; an event whose style will endure in the minds of those in attendance well beyond the last dance of the evening.